Lawn Mowing – Spring Clean Up – Mulch – Livonia Michigan

Lawn Mowing:

We use mulching mowers designed to return nutrients to the soil with mower blades that are sharpened on a weekly basis to ensure a proper cut and to promote the general health of the lawn. We can bag clippings for special circumstances. Mowing of turf areas is completed approximately once a week for the entire season, starting approximately mid-April and going to the end of October or beginning of November depending on weather conditions.


String trimming around all buildings, landscape beds, trees, shrubs and flowers is completed once a week with mowing to leave a neat finish.


Edging of sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces is usually completed at least twice a month with mowing for excellent definition of the lawn and hard surfaces.

Post-Mowing Clean Up:

All non grassy areas will be blown of all grass and debris.

Spring Clean Up:

This service is performed in the spring April 1 to April 30 to prepare the property for the summer cutting season. Debris and leaves that collected over the winter will be gathered and removed.


These products are available for delivery and installation in several varieties. Please ask us!

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